About us

“Bottega” is the old Italian term for “shop” or “store.”

It suggests both a grocery store and an art gallery in terms of its purpose. With the belief that we combine the art of cooking with the best quality of our ingredients, we believe we deserved this title ­­­­­– Bottega. Here, our skilled chefs will take you on a gourmet adventure as they blend fresh and unique ingredients to create dishes with that will take our guests through a gastronomic journey of pleasure.

“Bottega is the perfect place for anyone with an insatiable appetite for culinary adventure. Our restaurant is known for its unique taste, myriad of spices, and premium ingredients.”

With the support of Maurizio Ianinncelli, a famous Italian pizza master with over 25 years of experience, whose specific love for pizza encouraged us to adopt classic Italian recipes in the Bottega kitchen, our ideas were effectively transformed into reality. After spending years honing his pizza-making skills, starting his own pizzeria in Naples, and being a professional consultant to numerous other restaurants, Bottega has joined his network of partners.

Even though our primary focus has been a fantastic Italian-inspired menu, we could not help but shift our attention and our taste buds to the sunny shores of the Mediterranean, inspired by our customers’ appetites for Spanish, French, and other Mediterranean food.

Both the interior and exterior design will transport you to a sultry seaside city. Here, you may take a break from your busy day and picture yourself relaxing by the sea while indulging in the authentic delicacies of international cuisines in an atmosphere that is a reminder of the elegance that Italian culture radiates.

Bottega show room showcases the range of products available in our shop, including wine accessories, homemade jams, truffles, French cheeses, Spanish prosciutto, and more. Our staff will kindly help you get to this magical part of the Bottega restaurant.

Do you enjoy high-quality music? Can you not give in to the temptation of a rare delicacy? How about listening to some fantastic tunes while you chow down?

These days, you need not go far to experience such delight.

We made our way to you.