Dessert – the crowning jewel of the menu

We at Bottega take great pride in the variety of recipes and desserts we have to offer. Our confectioner, Bojana Bukvić, has a passion for making new desserts and sweets, and one of her creations has found a home on our menu.


“Confectionery is a process, creation and the respect for ingredients.”­­­­­ – Bojana Bukvić


Every one of our desserts has Bojana’s personal touch as a confectioner. We are thrilled that Bottega will have the same access to her talents as the likes of Gram, Lafayette, Boutique restaurants, Temperament, Kasina, and some more traditional restaurants like Three Hats and Golden Goblet.


All of our ingredients are created in-house, and we pride ourselves on creating a gastronomic experience that is both unique to our restaurant and a celebration of the art of cooking.


Indulge your senses and share your experiences with us.