The magic of dough

We made it a point to learn from industry’s lead experts so that Bottega would reflect the true essence and flavor of world-renowned delicacies. To get the desired light, airy edges, we ferment our dough, using only Caputo flour. The only thing left for the guest to do is to savor the flavor.


We made sure that everything from the dough on down was completely authentic. Bottega pizza is appealing because we use only the freshest ingredients that we personally source for you every day, including San Marzano tomatoes, the traditional Italian tomato used to make the juiciest sauces, and Flor di latte mozzarella prepared from the highest quality cow’s milk.


Chefs from some of the world’s most famous Michelin-starred restaurants helped us round out the menu with pasta and risotto, which we infused with a sense of heritage and authenticity. All of the dishes on the Bottega menu were crafted by chefs who have earned Michelin stars after years of service in the world’s finest restaurants, and we are overjoyed that you have chosen to dine with us to share in the magic that they have helped create.